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anotherdeterminer, pronoun

uk /əˈnʌð.ər/ us /əˈnʌð.ɚ/

another determiner, pronoun (ADDITIONAL)

A2 one more person or thing or an extra amount:

I'm going to have another piece of cake.
"Would you get me a bar of chocolate from the kitchen?" "Another one?"
We can fit another person in my car.
Danny's had yet another car accident.
For another £30 (= for £30 more) you can buy the model with a touchscreen.
Just think, in another three months (= three months from now) it'll be summer again.
one... after another

a lot of things, one after the other:

I'm not surprised he's feeling ill - he was eating one ice cream after another!

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another determiner, pronoun (DIFFERENT)

A2 a different person or thing:

She's finished with that boyfriend and found herself another (one).
Do you want to exchange this toaster for another (one) or do you want your money back?
one another

B1 each other:

They gave one another presents when they met at the airport.
one way or another

in some way that is not known yet:

We'll get out of this mess one way or another.

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another en inglés americano

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anotheradjective, pronoun

us /əˈnʌð·ər/

another adjective, pronoun (ADDITIONAL)

one more (person or thing) or an additional (amount):

We have two tickets and need another (one).
Summer will be here in another three months (= three months in the future).
We have room in the car for another if we all sit close together.

another adjective, pronoun (DIFFERENT)

a different (person or thing):

Do you want to exchange this dress for another (one), or do you want your money back?
It’s raining today, so we’ll have to have the picnic another day.

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