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uk /ˌæn.θrə.pəˈsen.trɪk/ us /ˌæn.θrə.pəˈsen.trɪk/ formal
noun [ U ] uk /ˌæn.θrə.pəˈsen.trɪ.zəm/ us /ˌæn.θrə.pəˈsen.trɪ.zəm/

Examples from literature

  • After the geocentric illusion had been destroyed, the anthropocentric illusion still remained. 
  • Among the things it hadn't attained to was the easy anthropocentric attitude that is part of our civilisation. 
  • Of course, so long as the geocentric and anthropocentric illusions dominate, it is natural that the lore of stability should impress itself upon science and life. 
  • The anthropocentric illusion rebelled against the word of Darwin, accusing him of lowering the human life to the level of the dirt or of the brute. 
  • While the geocentric and anthropocentric illusions have been dispelled, the illusion of the immobility and eternity of classes still persists. 

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