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antisocial en inglés británico

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uk /ˌæn.tiˈsəʊ.ʃəl/ us /-t̬iˈsoʊ-/

C1 harmful to society:

antisocial behaviour
Increasingly, smoking is regarded as an antisocial habit.

C1 often avoiding spending time with other people:

I hope they won't think I'm antisocial if I don't join them in the bar.

Más ejemplos

  • Almost overnight, that sweet little child had turned into an antisocial monster.
  • There's a problem of antisocial behaviour among teenagers in the town.
  • They have very antisocial neighbours who play music all night and leave rubbish everywhere.
  • Sport and other clubs keep young people from becoming involved in vandalism and other antisocial activities.
  • Surely religion ought to prevent people behaving in an antisocial and immoral way?
adverb us uk /-i/

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antisocial en inglés americano

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us /ˌæn·tiˈsoʊ·ʃəl, ˌæn·tɑɪ-/

harmful to society:

Some critics argued that movies caused antisocial behavior.

Antisocial also means not wanting to spend time with or be friendly with other people:

If you don’t hang out with your friends, they’ll consider you weird and antisocial.

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