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arena en inglés americano

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arenanoun [ C ]

us /əˈri·nə/

a central, level area for the performance of sports or entertainment, having raised seats around it from which people can see the activities, or a building containing the seats and performance area:

a sports arena

An arena is also a particular activity, esp. one that involves competition and gets a lot of public attention:

She entered the political arena as a young woman.

(Definición de arena del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

arena en inglés de negocios

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arenanoun [ C ]

uk /əˈriːnə/ us

a particular area of activity, especially one that is competitive and attracts a lot of attention:

As they focus on growth in the fiercely competitive beer brands arena, the companies have sought to cut costs.
business/political/sales arena He said he hoped to join the entrepreneurial business arena.

(Definición de arena del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)