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uk /əˈʃʊəd/ us

certain to happen or be achieved:

The agreement required South Korea to provide an assured market for American products.
assured income/profit

INSURANCE that is referred to in an assurance agreement:

The "sum assured" is normally the amount that will be paid out on a policy when the policy matures, or if you die before the term.
This person will collect the benefit if the life assured (person named in the assurance policy) dies before the policy matures.

used in compound words to refer to products that meet certain quality standards:

farm-assured meat
quality-assured processes/standards


uk /əˈʃʊəd/ us
the assured

INSURANCE a person who is named in an insurance agreement , especially for a type of insurance that will pay them money at the end of an agreed period, or the person who has the right to receive the money when the person named in the insurance agreement dies

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