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attachverb [ T ]

uk /əˈtætʃ/ us /əˈtætʃ/

attach verb [ T ] (CONNECT)

B1 to fasten, join, or connect something:

I attached a photo to my application form.
Use this cable to attach the printer to the computer.
In the UK , packets of cigarettes come with a government health warning attached to them (= on them).
I attach (= am sending, usually with a letter) a copy of our latest report.

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attach verb [ T ] (COMPUTING)

B1 to join a file such as a document, picture, or computer program, to an email


attach verb [ T ] (TAKE GOODS)

UK specialized law to officially take someone's money or the things that they own, or to arrest someone, usually because that person has failed to pay money that is owed

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attach en inglés americano

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attachverb [ T ]

us /əˈtætʃ/

to fasten or fix something in position, esp. in relation to something else:

You attach this device to your windshield, and it sends a signal that opens the garage door.

To attach a particular quality to something is to consider it to have that quality:

If you attach a negative label to a group, you can then treat all the members of that group badly.

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attach en inglés de negocios

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attachverb [ T ]

uk /əˈtætʃ/ us

to fasten or join one thing to something else:

attach sth to sth I attached a note to the report and left it in his office.

IT to connect a piece of computer equipment to another:

attach sth to sth Use this cable to attach the printer to the computer.
The client software can be stored on one central computer that is attached to the network.

IT, COMMUNICATIONS to send a document, picture, etc. with an email or letter:

I attach a copy of this month's report which includes figures for the last quarter.

HR, WORKPLACE if someone is attached to a department or company, they are sent to work there temporarily for a particular purpose:

Tom was attached to the Marketing Department for six months.

to include something, or to make something a part of something:

attach sth to sth There were strict conditions attached to the settlement.
I need to be certain that there are no risks attached to this decision.

LAW to take someone's property or money by law to help pay their debts:

The county may have the right to attach property to satisfy a tax debt.

(Definición de attach del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)