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attestverb [ I or T ]

uk /əˈtest/ us /əˈtest/ formal

to show something or to say or prove that something is true:

Thousands of people came out onto the streets to attest their support for the democratic opposition party.
The number of old German cars still on the road attests (to) the excellence of their manufacture.
As his career attests, he is a world-class tennis player.
specialized The will needs to be attested (= officially marked to show that the signature of the person who made the will is correct) by three witnesses.

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attest en inglés americano

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us /əˈtest/

(of a person) to state with authority that something is true, or (of a situation or event) to show that something is likely to be true:

[ + that clause ] As one who worked there for years, I can attest that applications are carefully reviewed.
[ I ] Her wealth was attested to by her fur coat and designer shoes.

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attest en inglés de negocios

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uk /əˈtest/ us formal

[ T ] LAW to sign a document to show that you were present when it was signed by someone else:

The will must be attested by two witnesses.
The statement was signed and attested by a high court judge.

[ I ] LAW to say officially that something is true or accurate:

attest to doing sth Couples must attest to being in a committed relationship.
attest to sth The commission demands that Chief Financial Officers personally attest to the accuracy of their financial statements.

[ I ] to show that something is true:

attest to sth The decline in sales attests to the fact that the product is out of date.

The report contains an auditor's attestation.

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