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attractive en inglés

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uk /əˈtræk.tɪv/ us /əˈtræk.tɪv/

A2 very pleasing in appearance or sound:

a very attractive young woman
I find him very attractive (= he attracts me sexually).
attractive countryside
an attractive colour scheme

B2 causing interest or pleasure:

Spending twelve hours on a plane isn't a very attractive (= pleasant) prospect.
an attractive offer (= an offer with benefits for me)
We need to make the club attractive to a wider range of people.

Más ejemplos

adverb uk /əˈtræk.tɪ us /əˈtræk.tɪ

She always dresses very attractively.
Their house is attractively decorated.
noun [ U ] uk /əˈtræk.tɪv.nəs/ us /əˈtræk.tɪv.nəs/

her attractiveness to men
High mortgage rates have decreased the attractiveness of home-owning.

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attractive en inglés americano

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us /əˈtræk·tɪv/

causing interest or pleasure:

They made me a very attractive job offer.
They are an attractive family.
One of the less attractive features of California is the threat of earthquakes.
adverb us /əˈtræk·tɪv·li/

She likes to be attractively dressed.

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