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authorizationnoun [ C or U ]

UK usually authorisation uk /ˌɔː.θər.aɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/ us /ˌɑː.θɚ.əˈzeɪ.ʃən/

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authorization en inglés de negocios

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UK also authorisation uk /ˌɔːθəraɪˈzeɪʃən/ us

[ C or U ] official permission for something to happen, or the action of giving someone official permission for something:

get/acquire/obtain authorization Human Resources must obtain specific authorization from the Executive Director before any candidate can be rehired or transferred.
give/grant/provide authorization
authorization to do sth Union members have an authorization to strike if a deal cannot be reached over the contract dispute.

[ C ] LAW an official document that shows someone has permission to do something:

Air tour companies will be required to get an authorization from the FAA to operate.

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