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awareadjective [ after verb ]

uk /əˈweər/ us /əˈwer/

B2 knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing:

[ + that ] I wasn't even aware that he was ill.
Were you aware of the risks at the time?
She was well (= very) aware that he was married.
"Has Claude paid the phone bill?" "Not as far as I'm aware." (= I don't think so)
I suddenly became aware of (= started to notice) him looking at me.

having special interest in or experience of something and so knowing what is happening in that subject at the present time:

sexually aware

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us /əˈweər/

knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing:

[ + (that) clause ] We were just not aware (that) garbage would be a problem, that we ever would need to recycle.
Are you aware of any reason why you cannot act fairly as a juror in this trial?
noun [ U ] us /əˈweər·nəs/

His tragedy has brought a heightened awareness to the conditions surrounding heatstroke.

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We must be fully aware that, if we have opted for a non-vaccination policy, the risks of infectious animal diseases will increase.
We are aware that concern over a defeat, despite the general positive feeling, is prevailing over any inclination to table a resolution.
Not all being legal specialists but not, equally, being naive, we are fully aware that a legal solution – and we hope that one exists – will be extremely difficult to find.
We have all become aware of the intolerable conditions under which many vessels still sail with dangerous and highly polluting loads.
We are well aware that eventually, at the appropriate time of course, the presence on the ground of an outside force of this kind will prove to be essential.
We should be alert to and aware of the dangers of sudden outbreaks of highly infectious and dangerous diseases which can suddenly spread on a global basis.
We are aware of the responsibility of the agricultural professions, whose ambition is to achieve optimum product quality while preserving their way of life.
They are aware, as we are, of the importance of addressing supply-side constraints, the need for adjustments and the need to meet the associated costs for developing countries.
We have sacrificed these positions, however, because we have always been aware that this directive was essential, at least for three reasons.
We must, however, be aware that the quality of international agreements – in particular those relating to space – depends on the quality of scientific, industrial and also financial support.