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bagnoun [ C ]

uk /bæɡ/ us /bæɡ/

bag noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

A1 a soft container made out of paper or thin plastic, or a stronger container made of leather, plastic, or other material, usually with a handle, in which you carry personal things or clothes or other things that you need for travelling:

a shopping bag (= a bag in which shopping is carried)
a bag of apples/nuts
Don't eat that whole bag of (= the amount the bag contains) sweets at once.
I hadn't even packed my bags (= put the things I need in suitcases/bags).
bags under your eyes

dark, loose, or swollen skin under your eyes because of tiredness or old age

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uk /bæɡ/ us /bæɡ/ -gg-

bag verb (WIN PRIZE)

[ T ] UK informal to win sth, especially a prize:

He's the bookies' favourite to bag an Oscar.
He is eager to bag his fifth victory of the season.

bag verb (HANG LOOSELY)

[ I ] to hang loosely like a bag:

I hate these trousers - they bag (out) at the back.


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bagnoun [ C ]

us /bæɡ/

bag noun [ C ] (OPEN CONTAINER)

a container of paper or light plastic that is open at the top, used esp. to hold things you have bought:

bag noun [ C ] (CLOSED CONTAINER)

a container of leather, hard plastic, or cloth material with a top that can be closed, for carrying clothes or other objects, esp. when you are traveling; a suitcase:

You can leave your bags in the hotel room, and I’ll send someone up for them later.

A bag is also a woman’s pocketbook:

bagverb [ T ]

us /bæɡ/ -gg-

bag verb [ T ] (HUNT)

to hunt and capture or kill an animal or bird:

Only 15 percent of last year’s hunters actually bagged a deer.

bag verb [ T ] (PUT IN BAG)

to put items in a bag:

I’ll bag your groceries for you.

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bagnoun [ C ]

uk /bæɡ/ us
be in the bag informal

if something is in the bag, you are certain to get it or to achieve it:

The company goes into the year with 75% of its expected revenues already in the bag.
be left holding the bag informal

to be made responsible for something that was really the fault of somebody else:

He quit the company and we were left holding the bag for the bad decisions he'd made.

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