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band en inglés británico

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uk /bænd/ us /bænd/

band noun (MUSICIANS)

A1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of musicians who play modern music together:

a jazz/rock band
The Beatles were probably the most famous band in the world.
boy/girl band

a group of young men or women who perform popular songs together and dance as a group:

He made his name in the 90s boy band Boyzone, before going on to a highly successful solo career.

Más ejemplos

  • The band played a familiar tune which had everyone clapping along.
  • After the band stopped playing, people drifted away in twos and threes.
  • This week the band did the last gig of their world-tour.
  • He used to be the lead singer in a rock 'n' roll band.
  • The band played a slow dance.


uk /bænd/ us /bænd/

US UK ring to put a band on something, especially an animal:

We banded the birds (= put bands around their legs) so that we could identify them later.

Phrasal verb(s)

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band en inglés americano

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bandnoun [ C ]

us /bænd/

band noun [ C ] (MUSICIANS)

a group of musicians who play music together, esp. popular music:

a jazz/rock band

band noun [ C ] (GROUP)

a group of people who have joined together for a special purpose, or a group of animals:

a band of outlaws

band noun [ C ] (STRIP)

a thin, flat strip of a material put around something to fasten or strengthen it, or a strip of color, light, etc., that is different from its surrounding area:

The silver band from his wristwatch left a green ring over his wrist.

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band en inglés de negocios

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bandnoun [ C ]

uk /bænd/ us

a range of values or amounts within fixed upper and lower limits:

Most of our employees are within the lower age band.
The government would like to widen the 20p tax band to include the majority of taxpayers.
What salary band are you on?

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