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bark en inglés británico

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uk /bɑːk/ us /bɑːrk/

bark noun (TREE)

[ U ] the hard outer covering of a tree


  • My dog has a very loud bark.
  • It was a noise like a dog's bark.
  • I'd have recognized my own dog's bark.


uk /bɑːk/ us /bɑːrk/

B2 [ I ] (of a dog) to make a loud, rough noise:

They heard a dog barking outside.

C2 [ T ] to shout at someone in a forceful manner:

The sergeant barked (out) a succession of orders to the new recruits.

Más ejemplos

  • A dog in the next street was barking most of the night.
  • We always know when someone's coming to the door because the dog barks.
  • The baby started to cry when the puppy barked at her.
  • The hounds spotted a rabbit in the distance and ran off barking excitedly.
  • At the vet's, everyone was sitting quietly when my dog suddenly began to bark.

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bark en inglés americano

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barkverb [ I/T ]

us /bɑrk/

bark verb [ I/T ] (DOG)

to make the loud, short noise that a dog and some other animals make:

[ I ] The dog barked all night.

A human who barks something shouts it suddenly and strongly:

[ T ] The sergeant barked orders at his troops.


us /bɑrk/

bark noun (TREE)

[ U ] the hard, outer covering of a tree

bark noun (DOG)

[ C ] the loud, short noise that a dog and some other animals make:

The dog gave two loud barks.

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