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the beau mondenoun [ U ]

uk /ˌbəʊ ˈmɒnd/ us /ˌboʊ ˈmɑːnd/ old-fashioned

Examples from literature

  • He was seated on a big boulder at the roadside, enjoying the shade, and was evidently on his way by foot to the Castle gates to watch the beau monde assembling for the review. 
  • Provided she could procure the means of satisfying her taste for dress, and of making a figure in the beau monde, no other concerns ever disturbed her imagination. 
  • We sup at your brother's to-night, with all the beau monde of Quebec: we shall be superbly entertained, I know. 
  • Well, if she does, I shall perhaps have a glimpse at the beau monde. I wonder if all the men in society look as high-bred as he does? 

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