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uk /bɪˈhɑːf/ us /bɪˈhæf/
on behalf of sb US also in behalf of sb, on sb's behalf, US also in sb's behalf

Más ejemplos

  • The executive of the health workers' union accepted the proposed pay increase on behalf of their members.
  • He gave what amounted to an apology on behalf of his company.
  • What a liberty, to refuse the invitation on your behalf, without even asking you!
  • He's spending a lot of his time at the moment campaigning on behalf of the Conservative Party.
  • The company was set up to buy and sell shares on behalf of investors.

B2 representing:

On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank you for all your work.
Unfortunately, George cannot be with us today so I am pleased to accept this award on his behalf.
She wasn't able to be present, so I signed the letter in her behalf.

for the good of or because of:

Please don't leave on my behalf.

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