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betrayverb [ T ]

us uk /bɪˈtreɪ/

betray verb [ T ] (NOT LOYAL)

B2 to not be loyal to your country or a person, often by doing something harmful such as helping their enemies:

He was accused of betraying his country during the war.
She felt betrayed by her mother's lack of support.
For years they betrayed the UK's secrets to Russia.
formal He promised never to betray his wife (= never to leave her for another person).

formal If someone betrays something such as a promise, they do not do what they promised:

The president has been accused of betraying his election promises.
By staying out so late, they have betrayed my trust (= disappointed me because I had trusted them not to).

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betrayverb [ T ]

us /bɪˈtreɪ/

betray verb [ T ] (BE NOT LOYAL)

to be not loyal to your country or to someone who believes you are loyal, often by doing something harmful:

Some lawmakers say they feel betrayed by the president.

betray verb [ T ] (SHOW)

to show your feelings or thoughts without intending to:

She could not help betraying her sympathy for us.

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I have been dismayed to hear a number of arguments here this evening that clearly betray support for cold economic interests.
In my opinion, it should still be possible for people who betray refugees or illegal immigrants to the police to be prosecuted.
Let us never forget that the legitimacy of power wears out very quickly when you permanently betray the principles on which that power is based.
I am surprised by the succession of meaningless speeches which betray a lack of knowledge and foolishly mix together a bizarre goulash of revanchist demands and extreme liberal methods.