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Significado de “bill” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "bill" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /bɪl/
  • bill noun (REQUEST FOR PAYMENT)

A2 [C or S] a ​request for ​payment of ​moneyowed, or the ​piece of ​paper on which it is written: an ​electricity/​gas/​phone bill They ​sent us a bill for the ​work they had done. She ran up (= ​caused herself to have) a ​hugephone bill. They ​asked the ​waitress for the bill. Could we have the bill, ​please? Her ​motheragreed to foot (= ​pay) the bill.

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  • bill noun (LAW)

[C] a ​formalstatement of a ​planned new ​law that is ​discussed before being ​voted on: The bill was amended (= ​changed). When a bill is passed in Parliament it ​becomeslaw.informal The bill was thrown out (= did not go past the first ​stage of ​discussion and will not ​becomelaw).

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  • bill noun (MONEY)

B1 [C] mainly US (UK usually note) a ​piece of ​papermoney: a ​dollar/one-dollar bill a ten-dollar bill
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  • bill noun (BIRD)

[C] the ​beak of a ​bird
  • bill noun (SIGN)

[C] a ​papersign giving ​information about something, ​especially an ​event or ​performancebe on the bill to be ​performing in a show: There were ​lots of ​bignames (= ​famouspeople) on the bill.head/top the bill to be the most ​importantactor in a show


uk   us   /bɪl/
  • bill verb (ADVERTISE)

[T usually passive] to ​advertise something with a ​particulardescription; to ​describe someone in a ​particular way in ​order to ​advertise them or make them ​known: The ​movie was billed as a ​romanticcomedy. The ​youngauthor was billed as "the new Beckett." [T usually passive] to ​list a ​person or ​performance on a ​programme of ​events : She was billed toperform every ​night for a ​period of two ​weeks.
(Definition of bill from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "bill" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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billnoun [C]

 us   /bɪl/
  • bill noun [C] (REQUEST FOR PAYMENT)

a ​list of ​expenses to be ​paid, or the ​totalamount of ​costs or ​expenses: We still have ​doctors’ bills to ​pay. A bill is also a ​check .
  • bill noun [C] (MONEY)

a ​piece of ​papermoney: He ​pulled out a ​thickwad of bills and gave me $20.
  • bill noun [C] (LAW)

politics & government a ​formalstatement of a ​planned new ​law that is ​discussed by a ​government or ​legislature before being ​voted on: After a bill is ​passed by both ​houses of ​Congress, it ​becomeslaw when the ​presidentsigns it.
  • bill noun [C] (BIRD)

the ​beak of a ​bird

billverb [T]

 us   /bɪl/
  • bill verb [T] (REQUEST PAYMENT)

to ​send someone a ​statement of what is ​owed: Some ​places will bill you, but at ​others you have to ​payright away.
(Definition of bill from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "bill" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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billnoun [C]

uk   us   /bɪl/
COMMERCE, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING a ​document showing how much ​money you ​owe for ​goods or ​services you have received: bill for sth a bill for $10,000big/huge/hefty, etc. bill (for sth) The ​company faces a ​hefty bill for ​repairs after the a bill I don't have the ​money to ​pay this ​gas bill.monthly/quarterly/weekly bill They can ​afford their monthly bills for ​basics such as ​food and ​housing but have little ​left for up a bill The ​firmpicked up the bill for him to be ​flown by ​executive jet to Edinburgh.cut/reduce a bill We need to ​find ways of ​reducing our ​energy bills. If you prefer you can ​request an itemized bill and get a ​list of every ​call you have made. gas/​phone/​tax, etc. bill
foot the bill to ​pay a bill: Should the ​governmentfoot the bill for all its ​citizens - or only the ​poorest among us?
UK (US check) COMMERCE a ​piece of ​paper given to you when you have ​finished eating at a ​restaurant, showing how much ​money you ​owe: "Could we have the bill please?"pick up the bill Don't worry. I'll ​pick up the bill.
GOVERNMENT, LAW a ​formalstatement of a ​planned new ​law that is discussed before being ​voted on: The bill became ​law in April.amend/pass a bill They soon ​realized that they didn't have enough ​votes to ​pass the bill.
US MONEY →  banknote
→  bill of exchange

billverb [T]

uk   us   /bɪl/
to ​send someone a bill telling them how much ​money they ​owe for ​goods or ​services that they have received: bill sb for sth The ​lawfirm had billed its ​clients for more than 400 ​hours.
to describe sth as being sth: bill sth as sth The new ​technology is being billed as "the ​email of the future".
(Definition of bill from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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