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biplanenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈbaɪ.pleɪn/ us /ˈbaɪ.pleɪn/

Examples from literature

  • He was Ormer Locklear, a young American pilot, who stepped out onto the wing of his biplane during World War I to fix a mechanical problem. 
  • Tiger Brewer stepped out onto the wing of his grandfather’s biplane while it was flying at 160 kilometers per hour to set the world record. 
  • At this meet there were five flying machines,—three biplanes, a monoplane, and a dirigible balloon. 
  • Both boys stared at the terrible picture of the descending biplane nearing the heaving surface of the lake. 
  • Damaged monoplanes and biplanes were brought back for repairs. 
  • Dick nodded and, not without an effort, brought the biplane around. 
  • Something appeared to be wrong with the black biplane's motor. 

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