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the Black Deathnoun [ S ]

uk /ˌblæk ˈdeθ/ us /ˌblæk ˈdeθ/

Examples from literature

  • But with the ravages of the Black Death and the decrease of population labour at once became scarce and dear. 
  • One of the proctors who started with him to Rome died on the way of the Black Death. 
  • The fearful epidemic, known as the Black Death, which devastated Europe in that century, seems to have aggravated the haunting terror of the invisible world of demons. 
  • The most striking example was in the half-century after the Black Death, which carried off nearly half the population. 
  • We heard of it in a helpless sort of way, as if it had been the plague or the Black Death, and thought of its victims as doomed. 

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Black Death en inglés americano

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Black Deathnoun

us /ˈblæk ˈdeθ/

world history a serious disease that killed a great many people in Africa, Asia, and Europe in the fourteenth century; the plague

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