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blaze en inglés británico

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blazeverb [ I ]

uk /bleɪz/ us /bleɪz/

to burn brightly and strongly:

The sun was blazing down that afternoon.

literary to be brightly lit or full of colour:

Isaac's eyes suddenly blazed with anger.

When a gun or a person using a gun blazes, the gun fires and continues firing:

The ship's guns blazed at the British as they tried to run for shore.
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blazenoun [ C ]

uk /bleɪz/ us /bleɪz/

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blaze en inglés americano

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us /bleɪz/

blaze verb (BURN)

[ I ] to burn brightly and strongly:

The fires blazed for days.

[ I ] If someone’s eyes blaze, they seem to shine brightly:

Her eyes blazed with anger.

blaze verb (SHOW THE WAY)

[ T ] to make a new path or way by marking it so that others can follow:

It took the Cherokee two years to blaze a trail between Texas and Kansas.
fig. Science blazed the trail that opened up space exploration.
adjective us /ˈbleɪ·zɪŋ/

They worked all day in the blazing sun.

blazenoun [ C ]

us /bleɪz/

blaze noun [ C ] (FIRE)

a very big fire:

Three fire companies fought the blaze.

A blaze is also a bright show of something:

Times Square is a blaze of lights.

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