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blind en inglés británico

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uk /blaɪnd/ us /blaɪnd/

blind adjective (SIGHT)

B1 unable to see:

She's been blind since birth.
He started to go (= become) blind in his sixties.

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blind adjective (CORNER, etc.)

that a driver cannot see or cannot see around:

The accident happened on a blind bend.

blind adjective (TEST/STUDY)

used to refer to a scientific test in which either the people being tested or the person testing them, or both, do not know what is being tested:

In blind trials, users who were given both drugs orally were unable to distinguish between the effects of heroin and methadone.
noun [ U ] uk /ˈblaɪnd.nəs/ us /ˈblaɪnd.nəs/

blindverb [ T ]

uk /blaɪnd/ us /blaɪnd/


uk /blaɪnd/ us /blaɪnd/

blind noun (WINDOW)

[ C ] US also shade a cover for a window made of a single piece or strips of cloth, paper, or plastic that is pulled up or down by a string:

a Venetian blind

blind noun (SIGHT)

the blind C1 [ plural ]

people who are unable to see:

She trains dogs for the blind.

If something or someone is tested blind, either the people being tested or the person testing them, or both, do not know what is being tested.

be flying blind

to be flying an aircraft somewhere without being able to see where you are going:

to be doing something without having any experience of doing it before or without having important information about what you are doing:

They are flying blind on this issue because they have no idea of the extent of the problem.

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blind en inglés americano

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us /blɑɪnd/

blind adjective (NOT SEEING)

[ -er/-est only ] not able to see:

He began to go blind a year ago.
fig. She is completely blind to his faults.

blind adjective (NOT THINKING)

[ not gradable ] not able to be influenced by thought or reason:

He declared that the verdict was the result of blind prejudice.
noun [ U ] us /ˈblɑɪn·nəs/

blindnoun [ C ]

us /blɑɪnd/

blind noun [ C ] (WINDOW COVER)

a cover for a window, esp. a venetian blind

blindverb [ T ]

us /blɑɪnd/

blind verb [ T ] (MAKE UNABLE TO SEE)

to make someone unable to see:

The sun blinded me for a moment.
fig. We cannot let feelings blind us to the facts.

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