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uk /blɪŋk/ us /blɪŋk/

B2 [ I or T ] When you blink, you close and then open your eyes quickly once or several times, and when an eye blinks, it does this:

You've got something in your eye - try blinking a few times.

[ I ] literary If a light blinks, it flashes on and off.

Más ejemplos

  • The brightness of the snow made him blink.
  • How do you manage not to blink when you're putting makeup on your eyes?
  • We stared at each other to see who would blink first.
  • At the sight of the gun, the cashier blinked and swallowed hard, but said nothing.
  • We came out of the cinema and stood blinking in the sunlight.


blinknoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /blɪŋk/ us /blɪŋk/

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blink en inglés americano

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blinkverb [ I/T ]

us /blɪŋk/

to close and open the eyes quickly, once or several times:

[ I ] He stared at us without blinking.

If a light blinks, it flashes off and on.

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