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bloodyadjective [ before noun ], adverb

uk /ˈblʌd.i/ us /ˈblʌd.i/ mainly UK very informal

C2 used to express anger or to emphasize what you are saying in a slightly rude way:

I've had a bloody awful week.
It's a bloody disgrace that some war widows don't get a decent pension.
Don't be a bloody idiot!
This computer's bloody useless! It's always going wrong.
Don't you tell me what to do! I'll do what I bloody well like in my own house.
I had a bloody good time last night.
Life would be bloody boring if nothing ever went wrong.

Más ejemplos

  • That sod Wilkins, excuse my French, has taken my bloody parking space.
  • You stupid bloody fool!
  • You trod on my bloody foot!
  • That car's been nothing but bloody trouble since I got it.
  • How did Pearson make the team? He's bloody useless.



uk /ˈblʌd.i/ us /ˈblʌd.i/

B2 covered with or full of blood:

a bloody nose

C1 extremely violent and involving a lot of blood and injuries:

It was a long and bloody battle and many men were killed.

Más ejemplos

  • There is a danger that America's metaphoric 'war on drugs' may turn into a bloody reality.
  • A bloody civil war followed the proclamation of an independent state.
  • He told the doctor he had been passing bloody stools.
  • This is the latest act of terrorism in a long-standing and bloody campaign of violence.
  • The songs describe the bloody battles between the clans.
adverb uk /ˈblʌd.əl.i/ us /ˈblʌd.əl.i/

All the demonstrations were bloodily suppressed by government forces.

bloodyverb [ T ]

uk /ˈblʌd.i/ us /ˈblʌd.i/

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bloody en inglés americano

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us /ˈblʌd·i/

showing blood or losing blood:

I had a bloody nose.

Bloody also means with much loss of life and many serious injuries:

The Civil War was a very bloody war.

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