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bob en inglés británico

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uk /bɒb/ us /bɑːb/ -bb-

[ I ] to move up and down quickly and gently, especially on the surface of water:

In the harbour, the boats bobbed gently up and down on the water.

[ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to move quickly in a particular direction:

I dropped the bottle into the water and watched it bob up to the surface a moment later.
Suddenly a head bobbed up from behind the hedge.
She bobbed a curtsy (= bent down from the knees briefly as a sign of respect) to the Queen.


uk /bɒb/ us /bɑːb/

bob noun (MONEY)

[ C ] plural bob UK old-fashioned informal a shilling : a British coin used in the past:

That coat cost me ten bob in 1956.


uk /bɒb/ us /bɑːb/ UK old-fashioned informal

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bob en inglés americano

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bobverb [ I ]

us /bɑb/ -bb-

bob verb [ I ] (MOVE)

to move up and down quickly and gently:

Empty cans and bottles bobbed in the water of the harbor.

bobnoun [ C ]

us /bɑb/

bob noun [ C ] (HAIRSTYLE)

a hairstyle that is short at the front while the other hair is cut to neck length all around the head:

She wears her hair in a bob.

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