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boltnoun [ C ]

uk /bəʊlt/ us /boʊlt/

bolt noun [ C ] (SCREW)

a screw-like metal object without a point, used with a nut to fasten things together

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bolt noun [ C ] (QUICK MOVEMENT)

make a bolt for somewhere

to try to escape by running towards something:

The thief tried to make a bolt for the exit.


uk /bəʊlt/ us /boʊlt/

Phrasal verb(s)

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boltnoun [ C ]

us /boʊlt/

bolt noun [ C ] (LOCK)

a small metal bar that slides across a door or window to lock it:

I fastened the door with a bolt.

A bolt is also a part of a gun that pushes the cartridge (= container filled with explosive powder) into position to be fired.

bolt noun [ C ] (SCREW)

a metal screw without a point, used to fasten things together, often with a nut (= small piece of metal that attaches to it)

bolt noun [ C ] (LIGHTNING)

a flash of lightning, esp. followed by thunder:

Did a bolt of lightning set fire to the barn?

bolt noun [ C ] (ROLL)

a roll of cloth or paper, esp. wallpaper


us /boʊlt/

bolt verb (MOVE SUDDENLY)

[ I/T ] to move suddenly and quickly:

[ I ] At the first whiff of smoke, the horse bolted from the barn.
[ M ] He bolted down some breakfast.

bolt verb (LOCK)

[ T ] to lock a door or window with a bolt:

Be sure to bolt the door when you go to bed!

bolt verb (SCREW)

[ T always + adv/prep ] to fasten two things together with a bolt:

He sat on a wooden bench bolted to the floor.

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boltnoun [ C ]

uk /bəʊlt/ us

PRODUCTION a long roll of cloth produced in a factory:

The stall sold bolts of cloth and cheap clothes.

a small metal object without a point that is used with a nut (= round metal part) to fasten things together:

The furniture fits together with nuts and bolts.

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