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uk /bɒm/ us /bɑːm/

bomb noun (WEAPON)

B1 [ C ] a weapon that explodes and is used to kill or hurt people or to damage buildings:

A 100-pound bomb exploded/went off today, injuring three people.
The terrorists had planted a bomb near the police station.
During World War II, the British dropped a huge number of bombs on Dresden.
the bomb

one or more atom bombs:

The US was the first country to have the bomb.

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uk /bɒm/ us /bɑːm/

bomb verb (USE WEAPON)

B1 [ T ] to drop bombs on something:

Planes bombed the city every night.

B1 [ T ] to destroy something by exploding a bomb inside it:

This hotel was bombed a few years ago.
The building was completely bombed out (= completely destroyed by a bomb).

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bombnoun [ C ]

us /bɑm/

bomb noun [ C ] (WEAPON)

a weapon that explodes:

Was there any warning before the bomb went off?

bomb noun [ C ] (FAIL)

infml a complete failure:

The last play was a bomb.


us /bɑm/

bomb verb (WEAPON)

[ T ] to explode bombs, or to drop bombs from aircraft:

They bombed enemy airfields.

bomb verb (FAIL)

[ I ] infml to fail completely:

A lot of students bombed on that last exam.

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bombnoun [ S ]

uk /bɒm/ us UK informal
cost a bomb

to cost a lot of money:

Bank loans, if available at all, cost a bomb.
make a bomb

to make a lot of money:

They made a bomb selling scrap metal.

bombverb [ I ]

uk /bɒm/ us US informal

to fail very badly:

The movie bombed at the box office.

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