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uk /buːm/ us /buːm/

boom noun (BOAT)

[ C ] specialized sailing (on a boat) a long pole that moves and that has a sail fastened to it

boom noun (FILMING)

[ C ] a long pole with a microphone on one end that is held above the actors so that it records their voices but cannot be seen by the people watching, used in television and film-making


uk /buːm/ us /buːm/

boom verb (MAKE A SOUND)

[ I or T ] to make a very deep and loud hollow sound:

The cannons boomed (out) in the night.
He boomed (out) an order to the soldiers.
adjective uk /ˈbuː.mɪŋ/ us /ˈbuː.mɪŋ/

a booming voice

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boom en inglés americano

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boomnoun [ C ]

us /bum/

boom noun [ C ] (PERIOD OF GROWTH)

social studies a period of sudden economic growth:

Somehow farmers have survived the booms and busts of the past 50 years.

boom noun [ C ] (POLE)

a long, movable pole that holds the bottom edge of a sail and is attached to the mast of a boat

In television and movie making, a boom is a long, movable pole that has a microphone (= device that records sound) or camera on one end.

boom noun [ C ] (DEEP SOUND)

a deep, loud sound:

What you heard was the boom of a rocket.


us /bum/

boom verb (MAKE A DEEP SOUND)

[ I/T ] to make a deep, loud sound:

[ I ] A voice boomed through the microphone.

boom verb (GROW SUDDENLY)

[ I ] to experience a period of sudden economic growth:

At that time, Alaska was booming.

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boom en inglés de negocios

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boomnoun [ C or U ]


a period of increased economic activity and growth:

A decade of market-oriented reforms has touched off an economic boom.
The country as a whole will suffer the economic cost of the abrupt end of a decade-long boom.
fuel/create/cause a boom The country's radical tax system is helping fuel a boom that rivals Asia's tiger economies.
experience/enjoy/undergo a boom The construction industry experienced a boom in the years following the war.
boom in sth The boom in internet share prices has fuelled a huge growth in stock market values around the world.
property/housing/building boom During the housing boom, lenders issued loans in record amounts.
dotcom/internet/technology boom The boom generated $18 billion in stock options and capital gains taxes for the state.

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boomverb [ I ]


to experience an increase in economic activity, interest, or growth:

Small businesses have boomed, since the government passed a new law making it easier to set them up.
Business is booming, producing increased earnings.
With the economy booming, opportunities have never been better for entrepreneurs.
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