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botanic gardennoun [ C often plural ]

uk /bəˌtæn.ɪk ˈɡɑː.dən/ us /bəˌtæn.ɪk ˈɡɑːr.dən/ also botanical garden

Examples from literature

  • A piece of land attached to the house became, under Mr. Carey's care, a beautiful botanic garden. 
  • A shrub of great beauty, but one that, unfortunately, is rarely to be seen outside the walls of a botanic garden. 
  • It is well provided with scientific laboratories, botanic garden, and various collections, and possesses a library with nearly a quarter of a million volumes. 
  • There is a large botanic garden, which is kept in good order, and contains a long range of green-houses and stoves. 
  • This is a curious and uncommon shrub that one rarely sees outside the walls of a botanic garden. 

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