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uk /breɪs/ us /breɪs/

brace noun (SUPPORT)

[ C ] plural braces something that is used to support or connect things, or to make something stronger:

He was recently fitted with a brace for his bad back.

[ C ] UK US braces [ plural ] plural braces a set of connected wires that is attached to a person's teeth in order to make them straight:

I had to wear a brace for my crooked teeth when I was a teenager.
braces [ plural ]

UK US suspenders a pair of narrow straps that stretch from the front of the trousers over your shoulders to the back to hold them up:

a pair of braces

US UK calipers metal supports that are fastened to the legs of people who have difficulties with walking

brace noun (PAIR)

[ C ] plural brace two things of the same type, especially two wild birds that have been killed for sport or food:

a brace of pheasants

braceverb [ T ]

uk /breɪs/ us /breɪs/

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brace en inglés americano

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braceverb [ T ]

us /breɪs/

brace verb [ T ] (PREPARE)

to prepare yourself physically or mentally for something unpleasant:

The weather forecasters told us to brace ourselves for a heavy storm.

brace verb [ T ] (SUPPORT)

to support yourself or a part of your body:

She braced herself against the dresser.

To brace an object is to support or strengthen it:

You will need to brace the walls.

bracenoun [ C ]

us /breɪs/

brace noun [ C ] (SUPPORT)

something that supports, fastens, or strengthens:

He was recently fitted with a brace for his bad back.

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