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braggartnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈbræɡ.ət/ us /ˈbræɡ.ɚt/ old-fashioned disapproving

someone who proudly talks a lot about himself or herself and his or her achievements or possessions

Examples from literature

  • At the slightest, nay, imaginary insult, the quick-tempered braggart took offense, resorted to the use of the sword, and many an unnecessary strife was raised and many an innocent life lost. 
  • Had he looked abashed or mortified, Jenny felt that she might have relented, but the braggart was as all-satisfied, as confident and boastful as ever. 
  • He was an insufferable braggart, but never had any success in love. 
  • He was shiftless, untidy, a borrower, a pompous braggart, a trouble-maker, forever driving some poor devil into senseless litigation. 
  • He was troublesome, ignorant, superstitious, a braggart, cowardly, and sometimes like a madman. 

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