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brakenoun [ C ]

uk /breɪk/ us /breɪk/

B1 a device that makes a vehicle go slower or stop, or a pedal, bar, or handle that makes this device work:

She had no brakes on her bicycle.
The driver suddenly put on his brakes.
informal I slammed on (= quickly used) the brakes, but it was too late.
All our new models have anti-lock brakes.
screech/squeal of brakes

the loud, unpleasant noise of a car suddenly stopping:

Suddenly we heard a screech of brakes and saw the car swerve to miss the bicycle.

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brakeverb [ I ]

uk /breɪk/ us /breɪk/

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brake en inglés americano

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brakenoun [ C ]

us /breɪk/

a device that slows or stops the movement of a vehicle:

anti-lock brakes
He saw a deer crossing the road and hit/slammed on the brakes (= stopped as quickly as possible).
verb [ I ] us /breɪk/

When it’s icy, you have to brake gently.

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