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breadcrumbsnoun [ plural ]

uk /ˈbred.krʌmz/ us /ˈbred.krʌmz/

breadcrumbs noun [ plural ] (on a website)

specialized also breadcrumb trail internet & telecoms pieces of information, often separated by the sign <, shown at the top of a website to help you find your way around the site by providing links to the last pages you looked at:

Breadcrumbs come in handy to show a navigation trail for users clicking through a site.

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breadcrumbs en inglés de negocios

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breadcrumbsnoun [ plural ]

uk /ˈbredkrʌmz/ us also cookie crumbs, also breadcrumb trail

IT, INTERNET the history of exactly how you got to a particular website, web page, etc. on the internet, that is recorded and stored on your computer:

Breadcrumbs reduce the number of things the user has to do in order to get to a higher-level page.

(Definición de breadcrumbs del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)