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uk /briːf/ us /briːf/

brief adjective (SHORT IN TIME)

B1 lasting only a short time or containing few words:

I had a brief look at her report before the meeting.
It'll only be a brief visit because we really don't have much time.
After a brief spell/stint in the army, he started working as a teacher.
The company issued a brief statement about yesterday's accident.

used to express how quickly time goes past:

For a few brief weeks we were very happy.

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uk /briːf/ us /briːf/

[ T ] to give someone detailed instructions or information:

We had already been briefed about/on what the job would entail.
brief against/in favour of sb/sth

[ I ] UK to make information about someone or something public, with the intention of criticizing/praising him, her, or it:

On several occasions government officials briefed against their own ministers.


uk /briːf/ us /briːf/

brief noun (INSTRUCTIONS)

[ C ] UK a set of instructions or information:

[ + to infinitive ] It was my brief to make sure that the facts were set down accurately.

[ C ] specialized law a document or set of documents containing the details about a court case

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brief en inglés americano

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briefadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /brif/

brief adjective [ -er/-est only ] (SHORT IN TIME)

lasting only a short time or containing few words:

Rory had a brief career as an actor.

briefverb [ T ]

us /brif/

brief verb [ T ] (GIVE INSTRUCTIONS)

to give someone instructions or information about what to do or say:

He is briefing the account executives on the new airline accounts.

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brief en inglés de negocios

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briefnoun [ C ]

uk /briːf/ us

WORKPLACE instructions that explain what someone's work or task is:

His brief was to streamline the group's financial services operation.
give sb/prepare a brief We have prepared a brief for a full study by a consultant.

LAW a document that shows the facts of a legal case that will be argued by a lawyer in a court:

to prepare/file/submit a brief

briefverb [ T ]

uk /briːf/ us

to give someone information about something:

Managers were touring the US to brief investors on last week's interim results.

WORKPLACE to explain someone's work or task to them:

It's my job to brief volunteers beforehand and explain what their responsibilities are.

LAW to tell a lawyer the facts of a legal case that he or she will argue in court

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