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bulk en inglés británico

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uk /bʌlk/ us /bʌlk/

[ C usually singular ] something or someone that is very large:

She eased her large bulk out of the chair.

[ U ] large size or mass:

It was a document of surprising bulk.
in bulk

C1 in large amounts:

The office buys paper in bulk to keep down costs.
the bulk of sth

C1 most of something:

In fact, the bulk of the book is taken up with criticizing other works.

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bulk en inglés americano

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bulknoun [ U ]

us /bʌlk/

something very large, or a large amount, not divided into smaller parts:

Tankers carry bulk shipments of oil.
We buy a lot of our groceries in bulk (= in large quantities) to save money.

The bulk of something is the larger part of it:

He gave the bulk of his paintings to the museum.

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bulk en inglés de negocios

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uk /bʌlk/ us
in bulk

COMMERCE in very large amounts:

buy/sell/order (sth) in bulk Wholesalers who order in bulk will receive an additional 15% discount.
She'd buy clothes in bulk from Dhaka and sell them at a profit of 50 cents each.

COMMERCE stored loose, and not wrapped in separate boxes or containers:

Many health food stores carry organic grains, beans, and flours in bulk.
the bulk of sth

the main or largest part of something:

Advertising provides the bulk of the company’s revenue.
The bulk of our employees are recruited from overseas.

(Definición de bulk del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)