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calyxnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkeɪ.lɪks/ us /ˈkeɪ.lɪks/ plural calyces uk /ˈkeɪ.lɪ.siːz/ us calyxes specialized

Examples from literature

  • If we examine a blossom bud just before it opens we will see only the calyx. 
  • In the buttercup and mustard the calyx is divided into separate parts called sepals. 
  • The flowers usually have a calyx, and may have only stamens or carpels, or both. 
  • We call this cloak the calyx, because when it opens it looks like a cup, and the word calyx means cup. 
  • When the petals fall, the calyx is open and this is the time to spray. 

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