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carcinomanoun [ C ]

uk /kɑː.sɪˈnəʊ.mə/ us /kɑːr.səˈnoʊ.mə/ specialized

Examples from literature

  • A carcinoma or cancer is a malignant tumor, that is, one that tends to grow worse and to reappear if it apparently is removed. 
  • A frequent symptom of carcinoma of the uterus is hemorrhage at irregular times after the menopause. 
  • Glandular carcinoma originates in organs such as the breast, and in the glands of mucous membranes and skin. 
  • Transition forms between adenoma and carcinoma are also met with in the rectum and large intestine, and these should be treated on the same lines as cancer. 

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carcinoma en inglés americano

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carcinomanoun [ C ]

us /kɑr·səˈnoʊ·mə/ medical

a lump of tissue that forms on or inside the body; a tumor

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