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carrion crownoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkær.i.ən ˌkrəʊ/ us /ˈker.i.ən ˌkroʊ/

Examples from literature

  • At daylight carrion crows were seen circling above the barricade. 
  • But they differ from the carrion crow and raven, in not feeding upon dead flesh, but upon corn and other seeds and grass, though, indeed, they pick up beetles and other insects and worms. 
  • Kid was urging the horse furiously back and forth among a flock of carrion crows, and practising with his lasso upon them as they rose and flapped about in short and heavy flight. 
  • We could see the buzzards and carrion crows. 
  • Whatever their appetite may be, they dare not for the carrion crow approach any carcass. 

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