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uk /kɑːst/ us /kæst/

cast noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] an object made by pouring hot liquid into a container and leaving it to become solid

in a cast UK also in plaster

If a part of your body is in a cast, it has a plaster cast around it to protect it while a broken bone repairs itself:

My leg was in a cast for about six weeks.

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uk /kɑːst/ us /kæst/ cast, cast

cast verb (ACTORS)

C2 [ T ] to choose actors to play particular parts in a play, film, or show:

He was often cast as the villain.
In her latest movie she was cast against type (= played a different character than the one she usually played or might be expected to play).
figurative They like to cast the opposing political party as (= to say that they are) the party of high taxes.
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cast verb (LIGHT)

C2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to send light or shadow (= an area of darkness) in a particular direction:

The moon cast a white light into the room.
The tree cast a shadow over/on his face.
figurative Her arrival cast a shadow over/on the party (= made it less pleasant).
cast light on sth

to provide an explanation for a situation or problem, or information that makes it easier to understand:

The discovery of the dinosaur skeleton has cast light on why they became extinct.

cast verb (THROW)

[ T + adv/prep ] literary to throw something:

The knight cast the sword far out into the lake.

[ I or T ] (in fishing) to throw something, such as a line, into the water to catch fish with:

He cast the line to the middle of the river.

cast verb (MAGIC)

cast a spell

C2 to use words thought to be magic, especially in order to have an effect on someone:

The old woman cast a spell on the prince and he turned into a frog.
figurative When I was 17, jazz cast its spell on me (= I started to like it very much).

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castverb [ T ]

us /kæst/ past tense and past participle cast

cast verb [ T ] (CAUSE TO APPEAR)

to cause something to appear, as if by throwing something:

People complained about the shadows cast by the new skyscraper.
fig. A new scientific study may cast some light on (= help to explain) why women live longer than men.

In the sport of fishing, if you cast something, such as a line or a net, you throw it far into the water:

cast verb [ T ] (CHOOSE ACTORS)

to choose actors to play particular parts in a play, movie, or show, or to choose an actor for a part:

They are casting the show in New York right now.
She’s been cast as a young doctor in an upcoming movie.

cast verb [ T ] (SHAPE)

to make an object by pouring liquid, such as melted metal, into a shaped container to become hard:

The bronze statue is being cast next week.

cast verb [ T ] (VOTE)

to give a vote:

Altogether, 358 votes were cast.

castnoun [ C ]

us /kæst/

cast noun [ C ] (COVERING)

a hard covering used to keep a broken bone in the correct position and protect it until it heals

cast noun [ C ] (CHOSEN ACTORS)

all the actors in a movie, play, or show

cast noun [ C ] (SHAPE)

an object made in a particular shape by pouring a liquid substance into a container having that shape and letting the liquid harden

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castverb [ T ]

uk /kɑːst/ us cast, cast
cast a/your vote also cast a/your ballot

to vote:

Building society members can today cast their votes on the biggest merger in building society history.

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The universally known facts cast a dark shadow over his curriculum vitae and should have been taken into account at an earlier stage.
No one can cast any doubt on either the usefulness or timeliness of the measures aimed at punishing those employing illegal immigrants.
We could do nothing worse than to cast all the polluting traffic back at our neighbours by increasingly adopting unilateral measures.
True democracy also guarantees freedom of expression, which cannot, however, lead to any disturbance or cast doubt on peace, life and existence; indeed, we have got there today.
The delay has been unwarranted and undignified and it has cast you in a light and in a role where you do not properly belong.
The number of votes cast was 525.
Major assets, such as the experience gathered in the course of energy-saving schemes for small- and medium-sized businesses, will be cast aside.
In this way, the possibility is also created that criminals who are in power in various places may be cast out of their seats.
Make it simple, make it plain but make it so that no doubt can be cast on its accuracy or leaving it open to different interpretations.
The deeply distressing pictures of the dead, the injured and the devastation cast a giant shadow over the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005.

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