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catnoun [ C ]

uk /kæt/ us /kæt/

A1 a small animal with fur, four legs, a tail, and claws, usually kept as a pet or for catching mice

any member of the group of animals similar to the cat, such as the lion:

the cat family
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  • My cat likes dozing in front of the fire.
  • I usually feed the neighbour's cat while she's away.
  • She's always chasing cats out of the garden to protect her precious birds.
  • A cat was miaowing pitifully outside the door.
  • The cat purred as I stroked its fur.

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cat en inglés americano

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catnoun [ C ]

us /kæt/

cat noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

a small, furry animal with four legs and a tail, often kept as a pet, or any of a group of related animals that are wild, and some of which are large and fierce, such as the lion


abbreviation for computerized axial tomography (= a way of taking pictures of structures inside the body)

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