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center en inglés americano

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centernoun [ C ]

us /ˈsen·tər/

center noun [ C ] (MIDDLE)

the middle point or part:

She stood in the center of the stage.

politics & government In politics, the center is a set of opinions that are not extreme.

In some sports, esp. football and basketball, a center on a team is a player whose position is between other players or in the center.

center noun [ C ] (PLACE)

a building or set of buildings having a particular purpose, or a place connected with a particular activity:

a shopping center
the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
New York is a center for the arts.

centerverb [ T ]

us /ˈsen·tər/

center verb [ T ] (MIDDLE)

to put something in the center:

The headings should be centered on the page.

Phrasal verb(s)

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center en inglés de negocios

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centernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsentər/ us US

→  centre :

the National Center for Health Marketing

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