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centrenoun [ C ]

UK US center uk /ˈsen.tər/ us /ˈsen.t̬ɚ/

centre noun [ C ] (MIDDLE)

A2 the middle point or part:

There was a large table in the centre of the room.
the town centre
centre of attention

C2 the person or thing that everyone is most interested in and pays most attention to:

She's the centre of attention everywhere she goes.
be at the centre of sth

to be most involved in a situation:

Mark was at the centre of the argument.
A social worker was at the centre of the scandal.

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centrenoun [ S, + sing/pl verb ], adjective

UK US center uk /ˈsen.tər/ us /ˈsen.t̬ɚ/

centreverb [ T ]

UK US center uk /ˈsen.tər/ us /ˈsen.t̬ɚ/

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centre en inglés de negocios

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centrenoun [ C ]

UK US center uk /ˈsentər/ us

a building, office, etc. that is used for a particular business or activity:

a conference centre
The retailer has a customer service centre in Dundee and distribution centres in Dundee and Livingston.

an area, city, or country which is known for a particular business or activity and where a lot of business, etc. takes place:

centre for sth Hong Kong has long been recognized as a centre for the production of jade jewellery.
commercial/financial/industrial centre Dubai is acknowledged to be the commercial centre of the Middle East.

especially UK the main part of a town or city, where most of its offices, stores, etc. are:

town/city centre Most commuters travel into the city centre by public transport.
the centre

the central department in a company or organization:

For the immediate future, the Sydney branch will be run from the centre.

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