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chandlernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈtʃɑːnd.lər/ us /ˈtʃænd.lɚ/

Examples from literature

  • But I thought perhaps you'd like your own home ways best, and so I've ordered the ship's chandler ashore to send off a case of Scotch, and another of Chicago beef. 
  • Harrison was just in the prime of life, forty years of age, stout made, good features, but in height was rather below medium, was a man of more than ordinary shrewdness, by trade he was a chandler. 
  • On the day before sailing a number of the ship captains were gathered together in the chandler's store, talking of freights and passages, and speculating on the runs they hoped to make. 
  • There are no ship's chandlers in Central Africa, and it is the custom there, when you lack stores, to go to a village on the bank and requisition anything that is available. 
  • They called at several grocery and provision stores, and also at a ship chandler's. 

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