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claimantnoun [ C ]

/ˈkleɪmənt/ uk us

INSURANCE a person or company that requests or receives payment from an insurance company for an accident, illness, damage to property, etc.:

For medical malpractice insurance claims that we paid, fewer than 10% had a payout of $1 million or more.

a person who requests or receives payment of money that a government, organization, or company owes them:

Tax credit payments are calculated according to the claimant's yearly income.

also plaintiff LAW a person who goes to court to make a legal complaint against someone else:

The claimant commenced this action to recover damages that were sustained while working for the defendant.

LAW someone who demands the right to be the legal owner of a particular property, payment, or title:

He was declared the legitimate claimant to the throne.

(Definición de claimant del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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