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claw sth back

phrasal verb with claw uk /klɔː/ us /klɑː/ verb [ I or T ]

to get possession of something again with difficulty:

The airline is beginning to claw back some of the business it lost after the bomb explosion.

If the government, for example, claws back money, it takes money back in one way that it has already given in another way:

We got a government grant for setting up our business, but they clawed it all back again in taxes.

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claw (sth) back en inglés de negocios

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claw (sth) back

phrasal verb with claw uk /klɔː/ us verb

STOCK MARKET if a share price claws back, or claws back a particular amount, it slowly increases after it has gone down:

The firm clawed back 15p of Monday's 60p decline to reach 397p.
The Mexican stock market clawed back from early losses.

FINANCE if a government or company claws back money it has already paid, it takes it back:

Could it be that the present basic pension will be raised, only to be clawed back in tax from the better-off?
Policyholders voted to claw back the bonus income paid out to the directors last year

to succeed in getting back something that was taken from you:

The telecom giant clawed back market share from its top two competitors.

UK STOCK MARKET to offer investors who already own shares in a company the right to buy some of the shares that it has offered to new investors

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