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uk /klɪŋ/ us /klɪŋ/ clung, clung

cling verb (HOLD)

C2 [ I + adv/prep ] to stick onto or hold something or someone tightly, or to refuse to stop holding it, him, or her:

We got so wet that our clothes clung to us.
They clung together in terror as the screams grew louder.
One little girl was clinging onto a cuddly toy.
She clung to the handrail as she walked down the slippery steps.

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cling verb (STAY CLOSE)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to stay close or near:

The road clings to (= closely follows) the coastline for several miles, then it turns inland.

[ I ] disapproving to stay close to someone who is taking care of you, because you need their support:

Jenny is the kind of child who always clings whenever she's taken to a new place.
adjective uk /ˈklɪŋ.ɪŋ/ us /ˈklɪŋ.ɪŋ/ also clingy

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cling en inglés americano

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clingverb [ I ]

us /klɪŋ/ past tense and past participle clung /klʌŋ/

to hold tightly or to stick; to refuse to stop holding:

They clung together in terror.
We were soaking wet and our clothes clung to us.
fig. Farmers and herders cling to the valleys (= stay in the valleys) where the soil is less sandy.

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