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uk /ˈklaʊd.kæpt/ us /ˈklaʊd.kæpt/ literary

Examples from literature

  • Beyond them cloud-capped mountains rose thousands of feet above us. 
  • In one direction rose the misty heights of St. Domingo, and in another the cloud-capped summits of Cuba. 
  • On the one side were the Vermont snow-crowned and cloud-capped mountains, rising up like eternal ramparts against all eastern hostile incursions of the elements. 
  • On their cloud-capped summits nothing could be seen but snow—dazzling, blinding white snow, and wreaths of vapor which congealed as it fell. 
  • Sometimes, for days together, the mountain is literally cloud-capped, and its peak hidden from view. 

(Definición de cloud-capped del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

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