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coatnoun [ C ]

uk /kəʊt/ us /koʊt/

coat noun [ C ] (CLOTHING)

A1 an outer piece of clothing with sleeves that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth:

Do your coat up, Joe, or you'll freeze.
We need a coat hook on the back of this door.

used as a combining form:

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coat noun [ C ] (COVER)

a layer of a substance, especially paint, that covers something:

I'll give the walls a quick coat of paint.
two coats of varnish

coatverb [ T ]

uk /kəʊt/ us /koʊt/

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coatnoun [ C ]

us /koʊt/

coat noun [ C ] (CLOTHING)

any of various types of outer clothing that are worn over other clothes, usually open in the front, and are often used for warmth:

She put on her heavy winter coat.

When you say a man is wearing a coat and tie, the coat is a jacket or part of a suit.

Coat is often used as a combining form:

coat noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

the natural hair, wool, or fur of an animal:

The dog’s coat is shiny and clean.

coat noun [ C ] (LAYER)

a layer of a substance:

There were about six coats of paint over the brick.
verb [ T ] us /koʊt/

Everything was coated with a fine layer of dust.

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