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cobra en inglés

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cobranoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkəʊ.brə/ us /ˈkoʊ.brə/

Examples from literature

  • The cobra lives in old walls or heaps of stone and timber, under roots, or in dead trunks in the forest, in fact anywhere where he can find a sheltered hole. 
  • The cobra, for example, when disturbed, raises its immense hood in a most terrifying attitude! 
  • The needle was swaying like a cobra's head. 
  • The snake-charmer keeps all sorts of them, but chiefly cobras. 
  • When the charmer begins to play with a cobra he fixes his eyes on it and never removes them for a second. 

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cobra en inglés americano

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cobranoun [ C ]

us /ˈkoʊ·brə/

a poisonous snake from Africa or southern Asia that can make itself look bigger by spreading the skin at the back of its head

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