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cogitateverb [ I ]

uk /ˈkɒdʒ.ɪ.teɪt/ us /ˈkɑː.dʒə.teɪt/ formal
noun [ C or U ] uk /ˌkɒdʒ.ɪˈteɪ.ʃən/ us /ˌkɑː.dʒəˈteɪ.ʃən/

Examples from literature

  • 'Let me see,' said the manager cogitating after dinner. 
  • Hal looked doubtful, and seemed to cogitate. 
  • Here she began actively and seriously to cogitate. 
  • There was no reply to the summons, and I was cogitating upon my next move when, happening to press against the door with my hand, I discovered that it was not latched. 
  • While he was cogitating over this he heard a shrill whistle from below. 

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