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collateralnoun [ U ]

uk /kəˈlæt.ər.əl/ us /kəˈlæt̬.ɚ.əl/

collateralnoun [ C ]

uk /kəˈlæt.ər.əl/ us /kəˈlæt̬.ɚ.əl/


uk /kəˈlæt.ər.əl/ us /kəˈlæt̬.ɚ.əl/ formal

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collateral en inglés americano

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collateralnoun [ U ]

us /kəˈlæt̬·ər·əl/

valuable property owned by someone who wants to borrow money, which the person agrees will become the property of the lender (= person or business that lends money) if the debt is not paid back:

She put up her house as collateral for the loan.

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collateral en inglés de negocios

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collateralnoun [ U ]

uk /kəˈlætərəl/ us

FINANCE property that someone borrowing money will give to the loan company, if he or she cannot pay the debt:

use sth as/pledge sth as/put sth up as collateral Debt counsellors are concerned by the trend towards using houses as collateral against debt.

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The fact of the matter is that lenders cannot enter other markets without absolute certainty regarding the security of their collateral.
I am talking about the fact that the collateral damage from the effects of the reform of the sugar regime has been felt by the 18 protocol countries.
They often do not have the collateral.
The establishment of a harmonised legal framework for the use of credit claims as collateral in cross-border transactions will further enhance market liquidity, so badly needed in the present environment.
I also believe it is worth encouraging this activity through collateral measures, and that any scientific contribution in that respect should be welcomed.
The crisis in the financial sector has led to more collateral and higher-risk premiums, which means it has become much more difficult to get start-up credits and other financial resources.
When we talk about the no-fly zone, when we talk about the collateral damage, do not let us forget that point.
The added-value services offered by banks or structures separate from depositaries are securities lending, collateral management, cash management, corporate actions, income management and taxation services: all purely commercial activities.
They have become capital collateral on airlines' financial books and our rapporteur is right when he states that this aspect needs to be revisited in the future.
The directives on settlement finality and financial collateral are the two cornerstones of the post-trading environment, and there is no doubt that the current amendments represent very substantial progress.